Handcrafted raw chocolate, free of refined sugar.

Organic. Vegan . Paleo . Dairy Free . Soy Free . Gluten Free . Fair Trade . Non-GMO. 

Our mission is to empower - from the inside out. Our chocolate is made from potent and powerful plant foods for strength, receptivity, and nourishment. Buddha Chocolate is organic, free of refined sugar, dairy free, soy free, gluten free, vegan, and paleo friendly. 

We source our cacao from sustainable small-scale family farms that operate at above fair trade standards. We stone grind the cacao in-house, and gently sweeten with low glycemic organic coconut nectar crystals. Our chocolate offers balanced energy for body and mind, without the spike and crash of refined sugar.

We hope these treasures of pure food, crafted with mindfulness, inspire you to honor your body, empower your essence, and taste your truth. Be radiant.


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