Drinking Chocolate Recipe

Drinking Chocolate Recipe 

Our drinking chocolate recipe is here! If you love chocolate, you’ll definitely love this drinking chocolate recipe. Our drinking chocolate is vegan, paleo, and sweetened with organic coconut sugar. No refined sugar, dairy, or soy. Our drinking chocolate is healthy, nourishing and satisfies the craving for a rich, decadent dessert. 

We’re often asked to share our different drinking chocolate recipes, so we'll be sharing drinking chocolate recipes and other Buddha Chocolate recipes on our blog, along with healthy tips, chocolate magic, insights, and more. 

If you’re not familiar with drinking chocolate, it’s like a rich, thick, creamy hot chocolate. Drinking chocolate and hot chocolate differ mainly in their ingredients, viscosity and sweetness. Hot chocolate is typically much thinner and lighter than drinking chocolate, and made from cocoa mix rather than whole bean cacao. Drinking chocolate is made from whole bean cacao, and is a bold, powerful drink, to sip slowly and savor. It’s a magical experience.

The first step in making amazing drinking chocolate is to get yourself high quality cacao. Drinking chocolate is made to highlight the flavor of the cacao, not cover it with sugar or milk, so you’ll want to get the highest quality cacao possible. This is our classic Buddha Chocolate Drinking Chocolate blend. 

Make sure you are using drinking chocolate powder which has been crafted from whole bean cacao and then turned into a powder. You do not want to use standard cacao powder that you find in a grocery store. This is an important distinction that will affect the quality of your drinking chocolate. Cacao powder is highly processed and removes the cacao butter, which is the creamy, rich part of the cacao bean. You want the whole food, whole bean cacao, so that your drinking chocolate is rich and creamy and you are getting the full health benefits of the plant. You'll need whole cacao bean chocolate, that has then been turned into a powder, so make sure you are using drinking chocolate, not cacao powder. Our drinking chocolate is made from whole cacao beans that are roasted, winnowed, ground, conched, and set into chocolate. Then we grind the chocolate into a powder to become your drinking chocolate mix.

The key to making the best drinking chocolate is to not make it too thin. Be careful when pouring your mylk. You can always add more. You can use any milk or mylk alternative in your drinking chocolate, though we think oat mylk comes out the best.

Drinking Chocolate Recipe 


What You’ll need:

Large mug or mason jar

Immersion Blender (if you don't have one, a whisk will work!)

Stovetop & pot



1/3 Cup Oat mylk (or milk of your choice)

3 Tbsp Buddha Chocolate Drinking Chocolate 



  1. Warm 1/3 cup mylk on the stovetop until just before boiling. Let the milk start to steam just a bit and remove from heat before boiling begins.
  2. In a large mug, mix 3 Tbsp of Drinking Chocolate with the heated mylk. Make sure the mug is big enough so when you blend it, it won’t spill over. Our Buddha Chocolate Drinking Chocolate is sweetened with organic coconut sugar and is 70% dark. If you are using cacao that is not sweetened, add your sweetener here.
  3. Use your immersion blender to blend the mylk and water together for about 15 seconds or until everything is evenly blended. It should be rich, creamy and frothy on top. 
  4. Pour into a smaller vessel, and sip blissfully. Magical alchemy!