the ceremony box ♡

. the ceremony box.
personal cacao ceremony kit
The ceremony box is a sacred offering that contains everything you need to hold your own personal cacao ceremony at home. Each kit comes in a natural wooden box and holds fifteen magical items for creating a grounded, connected, love-filled cacao ceremony. Your ceremony box will come with a note of ceremony how-to guidance for your initial ceremony.
A cacao ceremony is a meditation with the spirit of the cacao plant. Cacao is a plant that is grounded in love and compassion, so as we allow ourselves to be held in that space, we are able to dive into deep healing and connection. All you need is your love, attention, and intention, and the openness to listen to the plant and your heart.
Your Ceremony Box Includes:
Our organic single origin Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate
A hand carved wooden molinillo for blending
Natural clay ceremony cup
Golden spoon
Amethyst colored altar cloth
Ceremonial candle
White sage mini smudge stick
Palo Santo stick
Offering pouch with cacao beans + flowers
Rose quartz crystal
Selenite crystal
100% cacao Ceremony Bar
Wild Rose + Sea Salt tiny bar
Lavender Bliss tiny bar
Smoke + Salt tiny bar
Wooden Box

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