Cacao + Coconut Sugar
Magical Alchemy

Buddha Chocolate is handcrafted in small batches Portland, Oregon. We source our cacao from sustainable small-scale family farms in Nicaragua that operate at above fair trade standards. We stone grind our cacao in-house, and gently sweeten with organic coconut sugar.

We stone grind our cacao and coconut sugar until the chocolate is the perfect mix of earthy and smooth, and temper our chocolate using old-school tempering machines. Every bar and every cup is hand poured and hand packaged. We believe that process is important and aim to craft each Buddha Chocolate product with mindfulness and intention, every single day.  

We strive for purity and decadence, in perfect balance. Our raw chocolate is 70% dark, offering a bold and potent experience with a dynamic flavor profile we call magical alchemy

Buddha Chocolate is organic, fair trade, vegan, paleo friendly, dairy free, gluten free, and non-GMO. Most of our products are also soy free and free of refined sugar. Read about our core values here. 

It is our aim to create products that help people to feel both connected to and supported by their bodies. Our chocolate is a powerful food that is intended to allow the body to feel energized and free, grounded and nourished. We hope that each product serves as an extension of our intention. Choose love, eat chocolate.