The Buddha Cart is our handmade, rustic wooden cart that travels around to festivals and fairs, year round. She is a catalyst for connection and has been the spark igniting new ideas, new friendships and a firm foundation of intentional, inspired community for Buddha Chocolate. We love nothing more than taking her out to meet new people. 

She travels to places such as:

Oregon Country Fair
Beloved Festival
Envision Festival
Lucidity Festival
Bhakti Fest
What the Festival
...and more!


* 6' x 2' cart footprint, with 3' to 4' behind for storage. 6' x 6' total footprint.

* Electricity optional.

* Packaging options: 1. No waste packaging - unwrapped cups and bars sold in recyclable liners. 2. Standard packaged cups & bars

The Buddha Cart is also available for private parties and events.

If you'd like to recommend a festival or fair, or inquire about a private event, please email: