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Meet our sister brand, Cacao Mamma, created by Buddha Chocolate co-founder Laura Pia, offering the highest quality 100% Ceremonial Cacao plant spirit medicine. This cacao has been grown and prepared to hold the spirit of the cacao plant and is used in healing, journeying, and meditation. Cacao Mamma is named in honor of the spirit of cacao, one of the great mothers of the earth. We believe in holding cacao as a sacred plant through deep listening and remembering. Our mission is to honor the wisdom of cacao and share her medicine with the people, because as we heal ourselves, we heal the earth.

This wild cacao is potent and graceful, carrying an ancient medicine that speaks to the heart, unfolding profound medicine journeys for spirit healing. This cacao is rare and we can only gather it at certain times. It is sourced from deep in the jungle of the Peruvian Amazon, where it grows untamed along the headwaters of the Amazon River. It is hand harvested by local women with a profound knowledge of the plant, and prepared using traditional methods to allow for the purest plant medicine for healing. Cacao Mamma is made from whole cacao beans. The cacao beans are sun dried, hand sorted, and toasted over fire. We grind them by stone into paste, allow it to set, and then shave it into powder for ceremonial use. 

The ancient spirit medicine of cacao is empowered through reciprocal relationship and consistent practice. To create or continue your relationship with cacao, prepare your ceremonial brew and sip in mediation. Plant spirit medicine is the art of deep listening. All you need to do is listen in to your higher self and listen to the plants.

Laura Pia, the co-founder of Buddha Chocolate, is a mother and healer who has been working with plant spirit medicine and energy healing for over a decade. Her work is shaped by the understanding that love is the most powerful energy. 

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