Order Processing Time

We make your chocolate by hand to order. You will truly be receiving the freshest chocolate around! Orders typically ship within 3-7 days, but may take up to 10 days to ship out.


We ship all packages USPS. Your package will ship 2-5 day or 1-3 day shipping based on its size. If you live in a warm/hot area where your chocolate may melt (above 75 degrees F), please choose the $5 ice + insulation shipping option at checkout. Your chocolate will then ship Priority Mail in an insulated box with ice packs. If you do not choose this option, your chocolate will not ship with ice + insulation, so if it is warm where you are shipping to, it may melt.

If you are shipping a gift to someone in a different climate than your own, please check the weather beforehand. Places like Florida, Arizona, California, etc, can be very hot in off-season months. If it is a gift, the recipient may not be there to receive it, which could leave the package sitting in the heat for an extended period of time. Please research the weather and send the tracking number to the recipient if you think their gift may melt. 

Once your order's tracking says your package has been delivered to your address there are no refunds or replacements. If you need an alternative shipping carrier please reach out to us at info@buddhachocolate.com.

Unattended Packages

If no one is available to receive your order upon arrival at its final destination, our carriers will leave it at the door. If this could pose a problem, we recommend shipping to an address where someone can receive your package. Buddha Chocolate is not responsible for damage or theft incurred after delivery.

Shipping Address Errors

Our shipping program automatically prints your shipping label from the address you enter at checkout. Buddha Chocolate is not responsible for any typos or an address entered incorrectly that results in your package not being delivered. Please check and double check your address to make sure there are no errors. We do not offer refunds or replacements for an incorrect shipping address.


We do not accept returns or exchanges unless the item you purchased has a quality defect that is not the result of the product having been left unattended upon arrival. If you have received an item with a problem, please contact us at info@buddhachocolate.com.


Your chocolate is made to order. All bars have a 1-year "best by" date. Almond butter cups and S'mores cups have a 6 month "best by" date. To extend shelf-life, keep your cups in the fridge.


Summer Shipping 

In the summer months your chocolate will ship USPS 2-day shipping to expedite the shipping time and help prevent melting.

* * * Temperature Restrictions & Warm Weather Shipping Policies * * *

In the summer months (June - September) we ship ALL online orders with ice packs and insulated boxes. This leads to increased shipping prices in order to prevent melting. Prices return to normal shipping rates at the end of September.

Chocolate starts to melt around 75 degrees F. Due to the sensitive nature of chocolate, in warmer months shipping options are limited in order to expedite shipping and preserve the quality of our products. Please check the tracking on your package and be there to receive it. Even with adequate ice and insulation, if your chocolate is left sitting in the heat on your doorstep for an extended period of time, you may end up with melted chocolate. If you live in an exceptionally hot climate, you may want to consider waiting until it cools off to order your chocolate. 

We do our very best to ensure that your chocolate will arrive to you without melting, however, shipping chocolate in the summer is a battle against nature. We cannot be responsible for melted chocolate and do not offer refunds if this occurs. However, your chocolate is healthy to consume and will taste just as delicious even if melted!

We only automatically ship with ice and insulation from June - September, so if you are ordering chocolate outside of that window be sure to choose the ICE + INSULATION shipping option at checkout and be there when it arrives.*