magical alchemy

Buddha Chocolate is dedicated to the pursuit of magical alchemy. We've spent years honing and elevating our chocolate recipe to create magical alchemy. 

Magical alchemy is rooted in the quality of cacao we source and the care of the farmers who produce it. Our beans come from Öko Caribe in the Dominican Republic, where they are ethically grown using agroforestry, the most ecologically sound & sustainable growing methods for the earth and cacao plants. They have a magical flavor profile that is robust, nutty and bold. In combination with the perfect ratio of balanced, caramelly coconut sugar, and delicately timed stone-grinding, magical alchemy is born. 

We are dedicated to magical alchemy because it puts the alchemist aside. It creates something larger than ourselves and connects us to something greater. It is an allowing of nature, a sublime coalescing, an elemental inspiration. It is an offering of gratitude, to the farmers, the earth, and the magic of the cacao plant. In our dedication, we hope to step aside as much as possible and allow the chocolate to express itself and speak to your body in its own cosmic language.