Queen of Wands

Ceremonial Cacao Soap


Ceremonial Cacao Handcrafted Soap

Ritualize your day with Remedy. This handcrafted soap is made with Buddha Chocolate Ceremonial Cacao and a luscious blend of herbs, mushrooms, and crystal essences. This soap brings the energy and power of cacao into your daily cleansing ritual.

Ingredients: Organic Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Fair Trade Organic Coffee Grounds, Buddha Chocolate Ceremonial Cacao, Shizandra, Maca, Chaga, Moldovite, Comfrey, Rose Quartz

Includes one 5 oz bar of soap

Our Remedy bar will help soften, exfoliate, and tighten the skin, invigorate and enliven your Qi, help you ground into your sacred wisdom, and transmute anything that no longer serves your highest good. Step into your high magic.

Queen of Wands is a high vibrational line of soap, tea, and apothecary crafted in Portland, Oregon. Made with love and reverence for our Sacred Mother. Our apothecary was actualized by the cycles of the moon, the rhythms of the flora, and the symphonies of the soil. With ritual, gratitude, and reverence, we grow and locally source all of the plant allies that choose us to craft their sacred offerings. Each soap, tea blend, essence, and elixir is one of a kind, and each creates a unique orchestra of alignment between body and plant consciousness to support you in the genesis of the evolution of your heart.

An ode to Mother Earth and a gift to you to sweeten the journey along your golden path here. 

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