Buddha Chocolate

Ice & Insulation


We ship your chocolate with ice packs and insulation in the warm months to minimize melting in the hot weather. Chocolate cannot currently ship without this option.

In the warmer months (May - September) we ship orders with ice packs and insulation. Chocolate starts to melt around 75 degrees F, and even sooner if in direct sunlight. Your chocolate will arrive packed with ice packs, in a cool shield insulator. Due to the sensitive nature of chocolate, shipping options are limited in order to expedite shipping and preserve the quality of the products. Your chocolate will ship USPS or UPS 1-3 day shipping to expedite the shipping time.

During the summer months, or to perpetually hot climates, orders will not ship on Thursdays or Fridays to avoid packages sitting in the heat over the weekend on their way to you.

Please check the tracking on your package and be there to receive it. Even with adequate ice and insulation, if your chocolate is left sitting in the sun on your doorstep for an extended period of time, you may end up with melted chocolate. If you are shipping a gift to someone in the summer months, please alert them so their chocolate is not sitting out in the sun and heat.

If you live in an exceptionally hot climate where temperatures are regularly 100+ degrees, you may want to consider waiting until it cools off to order your chocolate, as we cannot guarantee product will not melt.

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