Cacao Mamma

The Ceremony Set


The Ceremony Set contains everything you need to hold your own cacao ceremony at home. The intention of this set is to hold and support you within your sacred space and create a connected portal for your journeys with cacao plant spirit medicine. The Ceremony Set comes in a beautiful handcrafted wooden box that can be used to store your ceremony tools or be inverted to create an altar. 

The Ceremony Set Includes: 

Handcrafted Wooden Box & Altar

Cacao Mamma Ceremonial Cacao

Unrefined Coconut Sugar Jar

Pure Flax Linen Altar Cloth

Selenite Wand

Amethyst Crystal

Rose Quartz Crystal

Palo Santo wood

Stoneware Cacao Cup 

Golden Spoon

Immersion Blender

Cacao Mamma Altar Spray

Hand Poured Candle

Cacao Bean offering

 // Wishing you beautiful journeys with cacao //

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