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Our organic, fair and direct trade cacao is sourced from family farms along the Ucayali River in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon, where it is ethically grown using agroforestry, the most ecologically sound and sustainable growing methods for the earth and cacao plants.

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Sweetened with

Organic Coconut Sugar

Our cacao is sweetened with mineral rich, low-glycemic, organic coconut sugar for balanced energy & whole food nourishment.

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Handcrafted Cacao

From our hearts to yours

Cacao Mamma

Ceremonial cacao

Meet our sister brand, Cacao Mamma. 100% Ceremonial Grade Cacao plant spirit medicine. Behold and be held.  

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Cacao Mamma - Listen to the Plants Tee

Ceremonial Cacao By

Cacao Mamma

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Cacao Mamma

Introducing our sister brand. Offering 100% ceremonial cacao plant spirit medicine

high vibration cacao

Crafted with care.

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The Ceremony Set

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Making Magic

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