Welcome! Buddha Chocolate is a very small, family run, mom & pop company. We’ve been handcrafting chocolate for over a decade. It’s our passion & our love, and we couldn’t be more proud & humbled to have this as our offering to the earth and our community. Cacao has always been an incredible connector, and we’ve watched this unfold in our community in so many beautiful ways over the years. Cacao brings people together, in joy, in reverence, in health, and in love.

We started Buddha Chocolate in 2010 with a desire to merge healthy, whole food, with high quality crafting and taste. There was a big divide between taste and health, and we were determined to bridge the gap. We started in our tiny apartment, with a big dream and nothing else. We had no money between the two of us, and hustled like crazy for years to get the business off the ground. We worked side jobs, odd jobs, & full time jobs, and made chocolate in all of our spare time. It has been a labor of love to say the least. Starting a business on our own, from the ground up, was a huge undertaking, and it wasn’t easy. We worked until sunrise on so many nights it's hard to count. We still do sometimes.

Buddha Chocolate was born from love. From loving someone and something so much you want to spend every moment together, building and creating and crafting. But Buddha Chocolate grew to what it is today from hard work, long hours, grit, tears, and endless mistakes. And yet all along there has been a golden thread through the heartbeat of this company that kept us persevering. A thread we follow when things get tough, that shows us which direction to go. A thread that keeps her going, pulsing, and thriving. We like to think it’s love.

Buddha Chocolate grows and changes all the time; she’s an ever-evolving being of her own, with her own desires of what she wants to become in this world. We do our best to listen to what this company wants to be, and most importantly, to listen to what our customers and community want and need.

We hope to never stop dreaming, never stop growing, and never stop listening. Buddha Chocolate is here to bring a taste of magic to the world. To fill your day with a little extra love and a little extra care. To help you feel connected to body & spirit, and to honor the sacred plant wisdom of cacao. In our efforts, we hope to offer a mindful relationship between the earth, the plants, and humanity, and to follow that golden thread of love with as much grace as possible.