buddha chocolate

Vegan . Organic . Paleo . Free of Refined Sugar

We handcrafted our chocolate in small batches in Portland, Oregon. We stone grind organic Oko Caribe cacao and gently sweeten with organic coconut sugar. We hand pour and hand package every bar and cup. We believe that process is important and aim to craft each product with mindfulness and intention, every day. Our chocolate is here as sacred nourishment and we hope that each product serves as an extension of this intention. 

Our process is dedicated to the pursuit of magical alchemy. Our alchemy is rooted in the quality of cacao we source and the care of the farmers who produce it. The flavor profile of our cacao is robust, nutty and bold. In combination with the perfect ratio of balanced, caramelly coconut sugar, and delicately timed stone-grinding, magical alchemy is born. 

Alchemy connects us to something greater. It is an offering of gratitude to the farmers, the earth, and the magic of the cacao plant. In our dedication, we hope to step aside as much as possible and allow the chocolate to express itself.

Buddha Chocolate is free of refined sugar, organic, fair trade, vegan, paleo friendly, dairy free, soy free, gluten free, and non-GMO.